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Melanin is the pigment that gives our hair, skin and eyes their color. It is responsible, in fact, for much of the coloration throughout nature. Nature uses melanin for another purpose: to protect our tissue from sunlight damage. We are born with an initial supply of melanin in our eyes. It is located just behind the retina where it functions - much like the black paint inside a camera - to reduce undesirable light scatter (see Figure 1 Below).

( Scientists have recently demonstrated that melanin serves another important protective role by functioning as an antioxidant near the retina along with vitamin C and E. Potentially harmful free radicals, that would otherwise initiate a chain of damaging oxidation reactions in the retina, are neutralized by melanin. The damage in question is Age-related Macular Degeneration. Unfortunately we lose this valuable protection to our retina as our melanin is lost with age (see Figure 1 Above).

Scientists at PhotoProtective Technologies have developed the patents and technologies to synthesize and chemically modify melanin so that it can be incorporated into optical quality plastic lenses. PPT is currently licensing distribitors to market and sell Rx Sun lenses with melanin in the US.

What makes the melanin lenses superior to other sun lenses is their ability to filter colors in proportion to their damage thereby reducing the risks of macular degeneration and cataracts while still providing excellent color perception.

Melanin - the body's own protection against sunlight damage.
PhotoPrototective Technologies has developed state-of-the-art eye care technology incorporating melanin in protective eyewear. Our melanin technology provides glare reduction and protection from sunlight damage to the eye that is engineered by Nature. Our melanin is the light-filtering component in lenses in sunglasses, reading glasses, computer glasses, pilot glasses, night driving glasses, sport sunglasses and other special purpose sun glasses that have the Melavision brand name. For the best in eye protection and eye comfort, trust the Melavision brand products.

All of our Melavision lenses listed below offer exceptional protection and comfort for your eyes. All lenses below offer 100% protection from UV and HEV (high energy visable) light. They include a scratch protective coating as well as offering true color, glare reduction, and natural protection to the lens and to your retina through the use of melanin. Our recomendations for lenses are as follows:

  • Non-polarized: Great all around sunlens for overcast or bright sunny days with the natural protection of melanin. Available in Brown or Grey.
  • Polarized: Great all around sunslens for overcast or sunny days. Enhanced glared reduction through the use of a polarizing filter with the combination of melanin. Available in Brown or Grey.
  • Driving and Computer lens: Great lens for when enhanced contrast is needed in low or bright light situations. Great for computer use as well as day or nightime driving for glare reduction from headlights and bright light sources.

The Un-Polarized Brown Melanin Sun Lens

Offers optimum eye protection and natural glare reduction; preserves natural color.

It is perfect for those who need to see true colors with a optimum protection against UV and HEV. This sun lens is un-polarized and does not disturb the appearance of LCD panels.

The Polarized Brown Melanin Sun Lens

Offers optimum eye protection and natural glare reduction with polarization - while preserving natural color.

This is our anti-glare sun lens, that combines the natual glare-reducing properties of melanin with the glare-reducing properties of polarizers. This lens is perfect for water sports or around snow or any high glare situation.

Night-Driving/Computer Melanin Lens - in CR39

Night-Driving/Computer Melanin Lens - in Polycarbonate

Polarized Grey Melanin Sun Lens in CR39